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Focus on Your Business Instead of the Paperwork

The idea behind Bertolli Payroll Services has always been to provide businesses an option to have a payroll and HR department without the overhead costs. Our payroll services are also offered for business owners to put aside the stress and worry of keeping up with the latest changes in employment and tax regulations.

Avoid the Paperwork by Hiring Bertolli Payroll Services

Any business owner who has tried to do their own payroll can attest to the numerous rules, regulations and calculations that are required. One mistake can result in costly fines and unwanted attention from the IRS, the Department of Labor, EEOC, and the Texas Workforce Commission.

Bertolli Payroll Services is a full service payroll and human resources company. Our services include:

  • • Processing payroll on all pay frequencies (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)
  • • Preparation of quarterly and year end forms. (941, TWC, W-2, W-3, 940, etc.)
  • • Payroll tax submission through EFTPS and online
  • • TWC filing
  • • Verification and creations of employee files
  • • Verification of social security number with the BSO
  • • Administration
  • • HR/Payroll consulting service
  • • Certified Payrolls (Davis Bacon-WH-347 Form)
  • • Start up business consulting
  • • Same or next day delivery service (if applicable)

We also provide the following reports:

  • • Standard payroll reports (Summary or detail register, deduction register, check register, etc.)
  • • Quarterly reports ( 941, TWC, etc.)
  • • Year end reports- W-2, W-3, etc.

Don’t risk your business with one administrative mistake. Our professionals have an adept and up to date knowledge of all tax and employment regulations set out every year by the Department of Labor, the IRS, etc. Contact our offices today.


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