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Bertolli Payroll Services Handles the Numbers, You Handle the Business

When you are a business owner, learning the many, many regulations and requirements involved in payroll services can be dizzying. It can be very easy to make a mistake. Unfortunately, your business will pay for that mistake. Instead of risking your reputation and a fine, Bertolli Payroll Services offers reliable and meticulous payroll services for your business. Whether you have one employee or thirty, our payroll services are efficient, reliable and accurate. We strive to provide the very best payroll services to keep you and your business protected and in compliance with state and federal regulations.
Our payroll services include:

  • Check processing
    We calculate the right amount of taxes and withholdings from gross pay. We also make sure your payroll is always on time and correct.
  • Tax calculations and filings
    We can calculate your payroll taxes correctly and make sure that your tax report is accurate. We also provide business tax e-filing so you do not have to worry about it.
  • Quarterly Reports
    In order to keep our clients abreast of their payroll finances, we can provide quarterly reports that not only help you keep track of your business finances, but also provide an accurate record for tax purposes.

Additional Services:

  • • Texas Work Commission Compliance
  • • Certified Payroll
  • • Paperless Payroll Tracking

Make sure your payroll is accurate and on time, every time. Bertolli Payroll Services is here to support your business and help you stay on track with your finances. Ensure timely reports and tax compliance by hiring us. Contact our offices for more information today!


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