Human Resources Services

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A Human Resource Department Without the Overhead

When you are just starting up your business, it can be hard to imagine being able to hire your first employee, let alone have a whole separate department simply for human resources. Yet even for established businesses, the idea of hiring even just one person to deal with human resources can be a lofty goal. Instead of spending the money to hire someone to deal with your human resources or taking time your schedule, Bertolli Payroll Services offers you a different option. By hiring us to do your human resources services, you are essentially gaining a human resources department without the overhead responsibility.

Our Human Resource Services Include:

  • Social Security Verification using BSO
    By using the integrated effort of the Social Security Administration’s Business Services Online, or BSO, we can verify that your employees are who they say they are. Employing a person using a fake social security number will result in hefty fines and leave a black mark on your business. This is one of the most important services we offer, as it can literally tell you if that employee is who they say they are.
  • Verification of Employment
    Not only do you want to ensure your employees are who they say they are, but you also want to make sure you are hiring the experience laid out on their resume. We verify past employments and salaries to ensure the safety of your business.
  • Create and Maintain Employee Files
    We will create and maintain your employee files the way you need them. This helps keep tax information and all pertinent employee information in one place for legal and practical purposes.
  • TX New Hire Reporting
    Texas requires every business to report new hires within a certain period. Failure to do so can result in a fine and unwanted attention from the Texas Department of Labor. We keep track of your new hires and submit the reports for you so you remain in compliance with Texas labor laws.

Whether you are a new business or just starting out, being able to hire a human resources services without the overhead cost and responsibility is an ideal solution to give yourself more time to do what matters most. We keep you in compliance of all employment and labor laws while you focus on your business. Let us deal with the paperwork- contact Bertolli Payroll Services today.


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